A humidity sensor network on a Raspberry Pi with Zigbee2MQTT

I was looking for a way to detect leakage in my appartement with some kind of IoT solution. Someone on the Dutch technology forum Tweakers.net told me Xiaomi Humidity sensors, combined with a Zigbee2MQTT might be a good fit. The sensors are quite cheap and so is the CC2531 sniffer stick to receive the data sent over the Zigbee protocol.

So that’s what I set out to do. And in these two videos you see how I got my humidity sensor network working.


We visualize the humidity sensor data with Domoticz. Domoticz is a home automation system.


So now I have streaming IoT data. I have some plans for that in the future.

About Marcel-Jan Krijgsman

In 2017 I made the leap to Big Data after 20 years of experience with Oracle databases. I followed courses on Hadoop, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Python, MongoDB and Elasticsearch.
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