I started vlogging about data mesh (and other things)

Last June I made a short video while walking in the park next to the DIKW Intelligence office. And I posted it on LinkedIn. To my surprise it did very well. So I thought: why not make more of these short videos on data topics? And why not make them in somewhere in nature?

I’m on my bike almost every day this time of year. Surely I could make a short stop and do a little talk? I┬ástarted to make them in Dutch and then also in English.

What I aim for is no nonsense, no jargon, understandable and short videos from the world of data.

Here are the English vlogs so far:

Data catalogs


Data Mesh, part 1


Data Mesh, part 2


More will come after my holiday. I’m hoping to keep a frequency of one Dutch and one English video per week. We’ll see if I can keep up.

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