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Well, that was scary. Just before I went on holiday I switched providers for my domain. And while I had some time build in before going on vacation, there were problems with the transfer code not working. Because apparently the .eu domain is different from the regular .nl domain.

In the end I managed to get my mail working just the evening before leaving. But I saw no way to migrate the blog while packing my bags. So the blog was down for more than 2 weeks. Did anybody miss it?

After getting back home I had to piece back the WordPress blog with a .zip backup and a backup of the filesystem. Never done such a thing before. And the original WordPress blog on my old provider’s site was already gone. So there were no more alternatives to do a better export.

Importing did not go as planned

I started by installing WordPress at my new provider’s site. And I went to PHPMyAdmin, which is the tool to work with the database behind WordPress. I imported the .zip (with a .sql file in it). And.. no blogposts. A further look with PHPMyAdmin in the database showed that there were several xxx_posts tables. The one the WordPress site was looking in, was wplx_posts. My imported tables where called wp_posts and 4a2vK12BOL_posts. wp_posts contained old stuff. The 4a2vK12BOL_posts table turned out to have all my posts.

Time to play dirty with SQL

So how do I point WordPress to the right data? It’s good to have some SQL skills. What if.. hear me out.. I read the .sql file I got from the export, pick out the SQL to import the 4a2vK12BOL_posts table. Search and replace in the SQL text the term “4a2vK12BOL_posts” for “wplx_posts” in a text editor? And then import that? It’s dirty, I grant you that.

But it turns out, it works. As long as you don’t create any new posts beforehand that use the same ID as the ones you try to import. A quick removal of the Hello World post made sure of that.

And it worked. I got my posts back. Okay, that’s something. I don’t have to type all my writings from 2017 to now again.

I did something similar for the comments. Make sure you do that before the first comment spam arrives. Because it will overlap the ID in the comment table with the ones you try to import.

Now I need some images

I was not really surprised that restoring table contents did nothing for my images. Pretty sure that had to come from the filesystem. Luckily I had made a backup of all that. But where to get the image files and where to put them?

Well, looking over the sql for the posts table, I found references to image files like this one: So somewhere there should be a path with something like wp-content/uploads in the name and a lot of gifs and jpgs in it. I found that, uploaded the directories to the new site and now I had my images back.

That one time I used TablePress

My article about Lion’s Mane is one of the most popular blogposts for some reason. Lots of people who want to gain cognitive enhancement. (I wished my post about becoming a skeptic was just as popular. Oh well.) In that post was my one use of a TablePress table. How to get that back?

It turns out the data can be found in the options table. But I had some doubts whether importing it would mess other things up and whether TablePress would find it. So I dug in the Internet Archive to find the contents of the table, and used Excel to create a csv file of that table. Imported that in TablePress and hey presto: we got ourselves our table back.

Tags and categories

One thing I noticed that my categories and tags were gone. The categories were a big mess after 5 years of blogging. Actually it wasn’t a big loss. More like a good moment to rethink them. As for tags: it would be nice to retrieve them somehow.

Fortunately there is documentation on the data model of WordPress’ database. Like this site:

From this I learned what tables I needed to import to get my tags back. It turns out it’s wplx_term_taxonomy and wplx_term_relationships. In wplx_term_taxonomy there were already 3 IDs taken. ID 2 and 3 were now a wp_theme, where in my old table they were categories.

I decided to remove ID 1, 2 and 3 from my insert statement and import that. If I’m missing 2 categories, that won’t hurt me a lot.

Anything else?

From the wp-staging article I learned I probably won’t be needing much more from the import. Maybe I will me missing some stuff from the options table, because there’s all kind of stuff that plugins put there. But I’m not going to open that can of worms.

I certainly learned a lot on WordPress and its database.. forcefully. Glad the blog is back on the road at my new provider.

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