Starting at Port of Rotterdam per 1 May 2018

Next week (1 May 2018) I will start as a Hadoop specialist/data steward/data custodian/data something something at the Advanced Analytics team at Port of Rotterdam. We haven’t worked out a fancy data something title yet. I’m already working at this team as a consultant. I’ve been involved with security and data governance of the data lake (for people outside Big Data: a data lake is simply a Hadoop cluster).

The World Port Center

I’ve seen the vision Port of Rotterdam has for the future and it is very data driven. With lots of open source products, like Hadoop. I think I’ll have a blast here learning more and more and helping Port of Rotterdam to achieve this future.

Oh and also, the view from the office is great.

View from the office over the Nieuwe Maas, at the right is the Euromast.

About Marcel-Jan Krijgsman

In 2017 I made the leap to Big Data after 20 years of experience with Oracle databases. I followed courses on Hadoop, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Python, MongoDB and Elasticsearch.
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