Notes on my “Becoming a Hadoop Specialist” session

Today I talked about how I became a Hadoop specialist/data engineer at the ITNEXT Data Engineering & DevOps meetup.

Here are a couple of links that were or not were in my presentation:

The (what I call) “hype-o-meter” site from YCombinator:


Sites with courses:

Coursera (fixed-date courses):

Udacity (self-paced cources):

Udemy (non-MOOC course site with crazy discounts):

MOOC search engine:

MongoDB University (free as long as it’s MongoDB 🙂 ):


Packt Free Learning:

Apress Daily Deal:

Humble Bundle book deals:



Free Big Data conference in Utrecht:

Dataworks Summit (Hadoop focussed):  (Videos from their conferences appear on Youtube)

ITNEXT meetup (Hype, but without the hype):




Roaring Elephant podcast about the Hadoop ecosystem:

Drill to Detail podcast (interesting different point of view on analytics):

O’Reilly Data Show (mainly machine learning):

Software Engineering Radio:

Hacker Daily (Exerpts from things seen on YCombinator’s news site):


My employer:

Port of Rotterdam:


About myself:

This blog (you’ve already found it):

My Youtube channel:

Me on Twitter: @marceljankr

Me on GitHub:


About Marcel-Jan Krijgsman

In 2017 I made the leap to Big Data after 20 years of experience with Oracle databases. I followed courses on Hadoop, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Python, MongoDB and Elasticsearch.
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