Weekendlinks 2021-41: Rickrolling, carbon capture, Shatner’s flight

Last weekend I was too busy either cycling or celebrating that I rode 10,000 kms this year. Nevertheless, here are this weekend’s links.


Rickrolling your high school by hacking the IPTV system

This student managed to gain access to his high school’s IPTV system. And he carefully prepared a rickrolling prank.

Rick Ashley in action on the Elk Grove High School. (Photo: Tom Tran)



This carbon capture method might actually work

Let’s face it: if we’re dependent on all polical leaders to do their part to reduce greenhouse gasses… well, just looking to my country’s (the Netherlands) leadership, I don’t expect them to even work very hard on it.

Credit: Tang et al.

So let’s capture all that carbon dioxide. That could work, right? Sure, but up to now you needed a lot of energy to pull it off. How do we generate that energy? Please don’t say “fossil fuels”.

But this new method by using the metal gallium can convert carbon dioxide to solid products and oxygen, and you don’t seem to need massive amounts of energy. Having solid carbonaceous products is a plus when you want to store it. And getting your oxygen back is positive too.



Shatner’s flight to space

Last Wednesday William Shatner flew on the 17th flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. And when he came back, he was literally moved to tears after seeing the Earth from 100 km altitude.

It’s moving to see him trying to describe his experience. And to think Jeff Bezos almost ruined it, waving his champagne bottle around. If we must do space tourism, please send more people like William Shatner. And not just because he was captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek.



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