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Check your /tmp on HDFS

If you have sensitive data on your Hadoop cluster, you might want to check /tmp on HDFS once a while to see what ends up there. /tmp is used by several components. Hive for example stores its “scratch data” there. … Continue reading

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Recovering your HDP 2.6.1 Sandbox on VirtualBox after a restart

If you’ve worked with the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.x sandbox of later versions in VirtualBox and made it shutdown rather vigorously, you might have noticed that you won’t get past this startup screen when you try to start it up … Continue reading

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Hadoop High Availability In A Hurry – Part 1: HDFS

I’ve been studying for a couple of hours how Hadoop high availability works, for the HDPCA exam. And now I’ve condensed that knowledge to a video on HDFS HA in just under 9 minutes. Enjoy!

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