Weekendlinks 2021-29

I won’t end this week without a few weekendlinks. This time: SciBabe, an ugly rock from Mars and Have I Been Powned Domain Search.


SciBabe’s Moment of Science

Yvette d’Entremont, also known as SciBabe, writes daily about either adorable creatures, strange deceases, monstrous chemicals, nuclear f%$k-ups and ways Australian flora and fauna can harm or kill you.

Daily MOS: The Ferocious Lemming

An extraordinarily ugly Mars rock

Ever since NASA’s Perseverance landed on Mars in February this year and put the little Mars helicopter Ingenuity on the surface, it is all the rage. But the Curiosity rover is also still driving along and drilling for samples. And recently it found this ugly rock. Formed by millions of even billions years of erosion. It looks like one of the monsters under Calvin’s bed in the comic Calvin and Hobbes.


Have I Been Powned Domain Search

When I register on websites with email, I use the my own domain name with different identifiers before the @ sign for every different website. So when I get unusal mail from a certain mail address I registered with, I know which site might have .. problems.

Have I Been Powned is a service where you can enter your mail address and when it turns up in a data breach, you get a warning. But I didn’t want to enter all hundreds of mail addresses I’ve used to register one by one.

Luckily I discovered Have I Been Powned has a Domain Search service. I warns you if any of your mail addresses within your domain is compromised. But it will only send these warnings if you can verify you own the domain. It does so by only sending a verification to a select number of mail addresses, like webmaster@domain.com. Which worked out fine for me. What a great service!



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In 2017 I made the leap to Big Data after 20 years of experience with Oracle databases. I followed courses on Hadoop, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Python, MongoDB and Elasticsearch.
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